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Recover PrestaShop back-office password


  1. connect on FTP where your PrestaShop is installed
  2. PrestaShop 1.7.x - 8.x
    go to "app/config" folder on your FTP and open parameters.php file in your favorite text editor
    PrestaShop 1.0.x - 1.6.x
    go to "config" folder on your FTP and open file in your favorite text editor
  3. find the following code (or similar): 'cookie_key' => 'Q9cvUaw5tfOkriVh34KTtZiG40aTSeFWUjjVW37kIG7uhJyDEC1XdN7f',
  4. copy & paste cookie_key value into the field below, in this showcase: Q9cvUaw5tfOkriVh34KTtZiG40aTSeFWUjjVW37kIG7uhJyDEC1XdN7f
  5. enter into "Your new password" field your future password with which you will be able to log into PrestaShop back-office
  6. hit "Create MD5 string" button to generate your MD5 string
  7. open MySQL manager (e.g. phpMyAdmin) on your webhosting
  8. find the ps_employee database table (note: "ps_" database table prefix may be different)
  9. find and edit the record about your account in the table. Paste and save into passwd column MD5 string from this generator
  10. you're done
  11. go to your PrestaShop back-office login page and use your new password in order to enter to your account

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